About This Site

This Masiphumelele Township site was created in early 2011.

Eric and Ollie in Masiphumelele, August 2010

It is a collaborative effort by Erik Myeko (sharkspotter, surfer and Masiphumelele resident) and Ollie Smallwood (writer, photographer and co-author of 10th edition of Greenwood Guide to South Africa). We must also thank all the kind people of Masiphumelele who gave their time and sometimes their portrait to bring this project to life.

Ideally, the website is intended to be a work in progress with future contributions from volunteers and visitors to Masiphumelele. We would love to hear from anyone who has visited or is planning a trip to Masi.

Do you have any pictures that you’d like to share of your time in Masi?

Can you recommend any other activities in or around the township of Masiphumelele? And, do you have any further advice to people considering a visit?

Visiting Masiphumelele

If you would like to visit this friendly township between Fish Hoek and Noordhoek (30 minutes south of Cape Town) please contact Eric on 0027 (0)710 317 408. Or you can e-mail Ollie on oliversmallwood@hotmail.com.

About Eric

Eric on sharkspotting duty at Muizenberg lookout

It was with a stroke of great good fortune that I met Eric for the first time. I had moved to South Africa from UK in order to work on the 2011 edition of the Greenwood Guide. A couple of weeks into my stay in Fish Hoek I decided to check out the famous surf of Muizenberg Beach (at the time of writing, Surfers Corner in Muizenberg holds the world record for the number of surfers simultaneously riding the same wave – 110).

On my way over to the aforementioned Surfers Corner I stopped at the lookout point on Muizenberg Mountain to get a view of the waves below. Unbeknown to me at the time, this vantage point is also a station for Cape Town’s Sharkspotting Programme. The duty sharkspotter for Muizenberg Mountain on that day was Eric Myeko.

Behind the sharkspotting t-shirt, Eric is a 28-year-old Xhosa man who originates from the Xhosa-speaking homelands near King Williamstown in South Africa’s Eastern Cape. Eric’s mother moved to Cape Town to find work and among other jobs has some experience as a tour guide in the Cape Town area. Once he had finished his education, Eric followed his mother to Cape Town in search of work. Eric, his mother and his sister all live in Masiphumelele although return yearly to visit friends and relatives in the Eastern Cape.

Eric has five years experience as a Sharkspotter and has been interviewed about the Sharkspotting Initiative for T.V. and the written press. He is a natural spokesman due to his gregarious and affable nature. He is at home conversing with his fellow Xhosa people, the local Afrikaans population, English speaking South Africans and any number of nationalities of tourists that he meets on a daily basis. He even knows how to greet in Chinese!

I hope you enjoy the site and it inspires you to visit Masiphumelele and get involved in some of the activities nearby. Thanks for taking an interest.




3 responses to “About

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  2. Ann Fal

    Visited with the lady who works for the friend I am staying with. Everyone very welcoming and it was interesting to see a different part of SA. I would certainly think it is a visit not to be missed.
    Ann Fallon (England)

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